Friday, January 23, 2015

We give you all you need for a successful fundraiser.

Seven Simple Steps!

You’re busy. We understand. That’s why we have spent years configuring the most efficient system for an art fundraiser — to save you TIME!
  • Develop the PlanYour Square 1 Art consultant builds the plan with you.

  • Teach from Our LessonsWe have options all based on National Art Standards.

  • Promote the PlanUse our fun and simple templates to boost sales.

  • Send Finished Artwork to Square 1 ArtWe provide pre-paid shipping materials.

  • Receive Custom Catalogs in 2 weeks!Fastest turn-around in the industry!

  • Collect the OrdersOur organizational plan keeps it simple for you.

  • Receive Your Orders - “Ta-Da!”Your orders arrive organized for easy distribution.

This program exceeded our expectations. Our parents were thrilled. Our students were PROUD. The proceeds the school received will help generations of students to come.
S. Smith — PTA President

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Fast Track Your Art Fundraiser

Fast Track your needs with our new Fundraiser!
Introducing an all new fundraiser!  Less time and easier to run!
  • Create beautiful artwork.
  • Pass out custom catalogs.
  • Submit art and orders one time.
  • Orders delivered to you on a quick timeline!
  • Earn 33% profit.
  • Every child receives custom stickers of their artwork with order.
Example of the Fast Track Custom Catalog below:
"Your prompt responses and great customer service make it so easy for any art teacher to do this fundraiser!"

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Square 1 Art | Our Story

Our Story - where it starts with your art!

Promoting the accomplishments of the artist
Marty Reid, an elementary art teacher working for a fundraising company, had an epiphany in 2000. While she appreciated the process of replicating children’s art on a variety of products to raise funds for schools, she and her husband recognized this type of fundraising program was cumbersome for the art teachers, and was focused primarily on the dollars raised, and did little to promote the accomplishments of the artist.

The art fundraiser is a natural fit within the school curriculum
When her suggestions for ways to improve the program went unheeded, she set off on a quest to start a company that went back to square one — and Square 1 Art was born. Marty taught her team the rigors and challenges teachers face every single day and developed her system to fit them, not fight them. Using innovative techniques, they customized the program to promote each child — ensuring “every child felt like an accomplished artist” by having their artwork
published on something to share (regardless of whether funds were raised or not). As the company grew, the lesson plans improved and are the only art fundraising plans tied directly to national art education standards — making it a natural fit within the school curriculum.

Raise funds while building creative minds
When looking for a way to raise funds while supporting the arts and building up the creative minds of students, “Get back to Square 1 Art — where it starts with your art.”

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Triple your Art budget with the Square 1 Art fundraiser

A neat thing happened when an art teacher with 1000 plus students did the Square 1 Art fundraiser for the first time!

Her Art Budget Tripled!

I don’t know why I've never considered doing a Square 1 Art school fundraiser before this has tripled my district art budget and has given me a gift to give back to our school and community with our new permanent tile wall collection!
Students and their future children can come back to our school and enjoy seeing their parent's artwork up on our school walls for years to come!”

~ Cindie Onofre, Art teacher, Beard Elementary School, Texas

 Mrs. Onofre with her art students!

What Cindie would love to tell other art teachers about Square 1 Art!

Cindie:  I have already mentioned on Facebook to an Art Teachers’ group about how successful the Square 1 Art fundraiser is and have texted other art teachers in our district.  The kids and staff loved the stickers “sooo” much that they gave their teacher stickers to use to make cute colorful clipboards, colorful canvases, and even colorful garden stepping stones.

What they loved about the Square 1 Art fundraiser!

The students and parents loved this year’s Square 1 Art project and loved being able to use markers on it! They also loved the free stickers and multiple products that they had the option of ordering. As for me, as an art teacher and a parent at my school, I absolutely loved the tile wall installation and being able to see my child's artwork on the wall permanently displayed for years to come!!!

Cindie Onofre, and daughter, Kambrie Onofre with her art!                         

“I absolutely love teaching art at Beard Elementary School and love the amount of talent the students at Beard possess! They are the reason why I love to teach art because I love showcasing their amazing artwork around the city of San Antonio.”
~ Cindie Onofre, Art teacher, Beard Elementary School, Texas

How she decided on the art creation

Cindie:  I gave several classes the chance to draw something that they enjoyed doing in my art class throughout all the years they had been attending our school. Other younger classes I used old lessons and some lessons I found off my Pinterest boards as I am a member of Pinterest.

Cindie’s special class promotion

Cindie:  I offered an ice cream float party for the top selling class! I went ahead and actually chose two classes to win the ice cream float party:  Mrs. Blanca’s 3rd grade class and Mrs. Kline’s 2nd grade class!

How Cindie plans to spend her Square 1 Art funds!

Cindie:  In the past I was able to use the monies that were raised from art fundraisers for purchasing clay, glazes, canvases, acrylics and a lot of other high priced items that I'm not able to buy with my district art budget. ~ This year I will use my funds raised to purchase more items for making three dimensional art with the students and possibly some new smocks, more clay, glazes, yarn, glue etc.

Where Cindie went to school

Cindie:  I attended Texas Tech University and graduated with a BFA in 1995. I then went to The University of Texas at San Antonio where I received a Post Bachelor’s Degree for teaching art and have taught digital art at San Antonio College, middle school art in East Central District in San Antonio and now teach elementary art in Northside Independent School district where I've been teaching for the past 14 years, 18 years total in teaching years.

Contributed by Guest Blogger Cindie Onofre, Art, Beard Elementary School, Helotes, Texas with Senior Account Manager, Square 1 Art, Suzanne Liszt

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Donate your fundraiser funds earned

Observations from Dan the Man

I’m very fortunate in my position as an Account Manager at Square 1 Art because my territories literally touch every corner of the United States.  I get to work with wonderful people from Maine to Arizona, Oregon to the Carolinas, and many other states in between.

Most often, when schools work with Square 1 Art, I am told that the money raised from the fundraisers will go towards art supplies for the department.  Sometimes the money goes towards playground equipment, or class trips, or other special projects that the school has been looking to do.  However, what happens when a school doesn’t have such needs?  What can you do when you want your school to participate in a Square 1 Art fundraiser but you’re not sure what to do with the money?

Our friends at Eliot Elementary in Maine will tell you, YOU DONATE IT!  Eliot Elementary School just completed their third year with Square 1 Art, and for at least two of those years they have taken the proceeds and donated them to worthy, animal based causes, in their area.  In Spring 2013, the money went towards the Maine Animal Welfare Fund:

This year, for the Spring 2014 season, Eliot Elementary donated money to a local group called The Hope Elephants!

The Hope Elephants are an organization for injured and aging elephants, while teaching visitors about the importance of wildlife conservation.  Their current residents, Rosie and Opal, are Asian elephants who spent their entire lives with different circuses, and now the organization provides the medical care they need so that they can live out the remainder of their lives in less pain, and with dignity.

So keep this in mind when considering a Square 1 Art fundraiser.  Just because your school may not necessarily need the money, there is probably a worthy charity in your area that can benefit from the keepsakes you order with children’s artwork.

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.”  ~Oscar Wilde